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three races for [5e Dwimmermount]

(modified Hobgoblins from Dwimmermount, a playable race for 5e)

One of the later experiments of the Thulian Empire, horngoblins were created from goblin stock and had their genetic markers mixed with rhinoceros, but also a multitude of other odd-toed ungulate mammals. Horngoblins were designed to act as guards for forts, blockades, and throne rooms. They were not kept as slaves, but like most of the beastial races that came before them they were never treated as equals by their Thulian rulers.

Horngoblins have immense bodies and large heads, short necks, and broad chests. The center of their head is dominated by a single horn that protrudes upward and protects the skull. All horngoblins have thick, protective skin, and tend to subsist off of vegetarian diets. Horngoblins had a strong affinity for the Great Church and many worshiped Typhon and Mavors openly, those that didn't still held a strong sense of duty to their birthplace, wherever that may be.

When the Termaxian Coup occurred many horngoblins were turned into slaves or forced to fight each other as entertainment. After two hundred years of servitude, many horngoblins were being held in stasis when the Typhon Rebellion destroyed Termaxian control over the Empire. There are still said to be horngoblins serving old remnants of the Empire far to the south, but those that lived near their birthplace have either died off or displaced to farther lands and warmer climates.

Male Names: Araus, Arorir, Char, Chud, Diedel, Dieth, Druf, Durge, Gerid, Gred, Poach, Peafyuch, Prefet, Pred, Prieth, Pulip, Rogaud, Rukru, Setho, Sodau, Suled, Thaud, Trauche
Female Names: Augib, Bab, Bafib, Bitha, Brelib, Brib, Brisor, Chauthis, Grilea, Libut, Lobel, Lolath, Pechief, Relib, Rigob, Rorib, Rupa, Sitheb, Sopib, Teaf, Tebu, Thaugib, Thiep

Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age: Horngoblins grow to maturity by their early teens and usually die of old age before they're half a century old.
Size: Horngoblin are taller and more muscular than most humans but are still considered Medium sized.
Speed: Horngoblins have a walking speed of 30.
Bellowing Challenge: As a bonus action you can yell a battlecry at one humanoid creature that you can see and that can hear you. They must make a Wisdom saving throw (against 8 + your Proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier) to avoid confronting you directly. On a failed save, the creature is drawn to you and if it does not spend it's next action attacking you then it suffers disadvantage on it's next attack roll. If it succeeds on the save, it can readily ignore you without consequence.
Horn Slam: In combat, you can use a Dash action to slam into another creature with your horn. Make an attack roll (you are considered proficient with this ability) and if you hit you cause 1d10 + Strength modifier in damage and your target is knocked Prone to the ground until the beginning of your next turn. The creature must be within your Reach and your Dash ends when you make your attack roll. If you miss the attack roll, you will either fall Prone yourself (from misjudging the distance then slipping and falling) or the DM can call for you to be Stunned (if your target was standing in front of a stone wall or similar obstruction) until the beginning of your next turn.
Intestinal Fortitude: You gain advantage on any rolls to resist poison.
Thick Skin: When you are not wearing armor, you have a natural Armor Class of 12 before applying a Dexterity modifier. You can use a Shield on top of this and it doesn't decrease your natural AC.
Languages: You can speak both Common and Beastial.

Base Height: 6'
Height Modifier: +2d6
Base Weight: 140 lb.
Weight Modifier: x (5d6) lb.

(modified Bullywugs, a playable race for 5e)

Human and frog hybrids born out of the early Azoth experiments of the Thulian Empire. Possibly created in order to clean and maintain the vast plumbing architecture of Dwimmermount, the ranine now live as scavengers often fleeing from larger threats. They militantly worship the demon lord Tsoth-Dagon.

Male Names: Bez, Gax, Groak, Mona
Female Names: Bulk, Plup, Pop, Puck, Puh

Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution, and Wisdom scores both increase by 1.
Age: Ranine grow to maturity very quickly and live exceedingly short lives, a Ranine who lives for two decades is venerable
Size: Ranine are short, sometimes not exceeding five feet in height. You are considered Small sized.
Speed: Ranine have a walking speed of 25.
Malleable Bones: You can use your Move action to travel through a small space that would otherwise not accommodate your Size. You are considered Tiny when moving through this space, and you can continue this movement for as long as you are able. If you are still in the small space at the end of your Move then you lose any Action or Bonus Action you might take until you have freed yourself from the space (you can still use Reactions).
Amphibious: You can breathe both air and water.
Strong Leaping: You can long jump an additional 20 feet and high jump an additional 10 feet, with or without a running start.
Languages: You can speak Beastial.

Base Height: 3'2"
Height Modifier: +2d6
Base Weight: 100 lb.
Weight Modifier: x (2d4) lb.

(spider-people, a playable race for 5e)

The Thorgrim are a unique beastial race because they are the only magically created race that were not designed and developed by the Ancient Thulians on purpose. A infused mixture of Goblin and spider, the Thorgrim have developed their own rudimentary culture of thievery and scrounging far below the surface of the world. Because they have existed on their own in the bowels of the earth, they have come to worship the demon lord Arach-Nacha who adopted them as his chosen people.

Male Names: Feckle, Klayqus, Kook, Zzarch
Female Names: Aran, Carna, Szizi, Tlatla

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity and Wisdom scores both increase by 1.
Age: Thorgrim grow to maturity very quickly. Their bodies reach adult development within 5 years, though their brains are slow to mature and sometimes Thorgrim are not fully realized personalities until their tenth year. Thorgrim age in maturity considerably slowly in comparison and can live as long as 120 years.
Size: Thorgrim are short, averaging about 3 feet tall, and weigh very little, usually around 50 or 60 pounds. Your size is considered Small.
Speed: Thorgrim have a base walking speed of 25.
Iron stomach: You only eat half as much, and when you do eat it doesn't matter if food is spoiled or rotten because it will still sustain you. You also get advantage on disease saving throws and poison saving throws when they are ingested.
Spider climbing: You are proficient with Athletics and get advantage when making checks related to climbing.
Inscrutable: Your emotions and mannerisms are not easily understood by others. You always have advantage when using Deception against humans or other surface-dwelling races, but you also have disadvantage when using Persuasion with same.
Languages: You can speak Beastial.

Base Height: 2'7"
Height Modifier: +2d4
Base Weight: 45 lb.
Weight Modifier: x 1d4 lb.

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