Thursday, August 6, 2015

a city adventure
[5e Dwimmermount]

Skull.18 10:45pm, the party - consisting of Tsetsig the cleric of Typhon, Gaius Marius the dragon sorcerer, Brughat the dwarf, and Sulla the necromancer - makes the long trek back to Muntburg from Dwimmermount, in their company are the 25 surviving members of the ratkin clan

Skull.19, the party arrives in Muntburg, they negotiate safe passage for the ratkin without issues then wait for the general store and the gemcrafter's to open their shops

having exhausted everything that Muntburg can supply Sulla announces that he must head for Adamas, the rest of the party in Muntburg agrees to join him on the road, Tsetsig magically messages Horatius and tells him to leave Dwimmermount and accompany them to the city-state of Adamas, they begin preparing to leave Muntburg for the city

Tsetsig, Gaius Marius, Brughat, Sulla, Horatius and the ratkin all leave Muntburg, headed for Adamas

Skull.20, the party arrives in Smerdlap's Crossing, they take a short rest for 8 hours then travel by boat to Adamas, the ratkin stay in Smerdlap's Crossing

the party arrives in Adamas and begins shopping, they're mostly going to the same stores so they do not split up, Sulla has bought inks and spends the remainder of the day transcribing new spells into his spellbook

Tsetsig purchases a book for 20 gold entitled "History of Kinship of the Dead Plane" by Viscount Vidath Donafroth, afterward Tsetsig is confronted on the street by a former cellmate he was imprisoned with and stole from, Tsetsig pays him back the money he stole from him and apologizes the only way he knows how

Gaius Marius visits with the city's guard captain and successfully bribes him to erase Tsetsig and Brughat's wanted bounties

Tsetsig and Brughat visit Baron Jagor Futhabìn - the noble who had Tsetsig thrown into prison, Tsetsig tries to makes amends with the Baron but the noble simply wants him to leave and Tsetsig eventually leaves but promises he'll be back, Tsetsig also spends half of his time restraining Brughat from killing the Baron

Brughat returns with Horatius and Gaius, they see that some city guards have been called and Gaius successfully bribes one of them to leave the house, Brughat kills Baron Jagor Futhabìn (and his butler) then they loot the Baron's library and bring the books back to Tsetsig (a lot of titles concern demon-worshiping cults) after setting fire to the Baron's home

Skull.21, the party leaves Adamas early in the morning, they spend the remainder of the day in Smerdlap's Crossing

Skull.22, they arrive back at Dwimmermount at midnight

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