Sunday, August 2, 2015

I can't draw circles

I finally sat down and committed a level of my megadungeon to ink, scanned it into the computer, and now am sharing it with you. This is only one level. It's not the entrance, but it is meant to be encountered early.

The big circular area is meant to be an auditorium, the giant quarter-circles are a sloping series of pews facing the center stage at the bottom, the ceiling above a spherical dome. I drew and redrew this, trying to make the circles perfect. I even scanned in a simple pencil copy missing the circle and tried to put a circle onto the map using GIMP and it just didn't line up correctly. I've been stressing out about this map for weeks now. It wasn't until I started drawing the pews for this final map that I realized I should have started with the circle and built the rest of the level around it. I understand why there are few circular areas in old modules now, they're a bitch to draw!

I'm not going to redraw it. At least, not until after I playtest it. For now, I'm going to finish drawing the entrance.