Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Support me by buying games

For the last year I've been a part of the affiliate program on DriveThruRPG (or RPGnow) which means that when I provide a link to a product on dtRPG the link includes my affiliate number in the web address, and if somebody purchases a product after following that link then I get a little bit of store credit to use at dtRPG. I've managed to gather about $55 in store credit which averages out to about $2.25 a month and that is really cool considering each click nets about 15 to 30 cents of store credit. I would have been surprised to even accrue $10 total. I don't have a large need for store credit but I do like reading new books. I have a pretty nice sum sitting there for buying a few pdfs right now but I've spent most of that store credit already.

My Pledge to YOU
I can promise you that I will NEVER start a Patreon or put a donation button or a gofundme link on this blog. Everything I publish here will always be free to use and abuse. I don't like handouts and I certainly don't like asking for handouts, but if you buy gaming books from DriveThruRPG or RPGnow then please consider using my affiliate links to go to the site since it costs you nothing extra.
The store credit I accumulate will always be posted publicly here and I will always blog about the items I purchase with the store credit you provided to me. You will always know what I'm doing with your assistance. This post will also always be linked in my upper banner and I will update this post every month to show how much store credit I have and what I've been spending it on. And with that out of the way, here is the hard data

Total sum generated $107.35
Current unused credit $2.75
Last updated May 25, 2017

Products purchased
AD&D Players Handbook (1e) ($10)
Greyhawk Ruins ($5)
Planarch Codex: Wintry Plane ($5)
Deep Carbon Observatory ($4*)
(my review)
Bootleggers ($5*)
E-Z DUNGEONS: Basic Set ($6*)
EX1 Dungeonland (1e) ($10)
Lords of Gossamer and Shadow ($40)
AD&D Player's Handbook (2e) ($2*)
AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide (2e) ($2*)
AD&D Monstrous Manual (2e) ($2*)
Planescape Campaign Setting ($2*)
Planescape Planes of Law ($2*)
Planescape Planes of Conflict ($2*)
Planescape Planes of Chaos ($2*)
Planescape In the Cage: Guide to Sigil ($2*)

* rounded to nearest dollar, part of a bundle/sale

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