Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Alchemical Formula

(anyone with proficiency in Alchemist's Supplies can craft these)

Chattercap. After drinking this mixture, the user can throw their voice to any location within 60 feet, which need not be seen but must be known to the user. The voice cannot be thrown through a barricading object, such as a door or wall. Their voice is as quiet as a whisper or as loud as a shout and seems to emanate from the location specified. This effect only lasts for 1 round. (25 gp, weight is negligible)

Fateful Elixir. The drinker of this elixir receives Advantage to the very next ability or proficiency check they make, provided it happens within the next minute. Traveling vendors and mysterious tinkers have been known to give this elixir away for free to veteran mercenaries down on their luck. (25 gp, weight is negligible)

Fire Bottle. Upon breaking the seal of this bottle, the liquid inside ignites but not explosively. The flame produced from the liquid's exposure to air is very dim, it will illuminate a 5-foot radius around the bottle (considered bright light) and extend dim light for another 5 feet. The flame is incredibly hot and can be used to ignite anything even remotely flammable. A few minutes after mixing this potion if the alchemist hasn't sealed the bottle right away then the mixture's effects take hold. (25 gp, weighs 1 lb.)

Golden Philtre. This golden beverage has a cloyingly salty flavor. Upon consumption, the user can add +1 to any attack rolls they make for the next minute. (25 gp, weight is negligible)

Healing Brew. This lightly flavored, dry, and alcoholic beverage warms the body and calms the nerves. It effectively heals 1d4 Hit Points after being imbibed, but also neutralizes any poisons that are affecting the consumer. Drink three and you'll be buzzed, drink six and you're drunk, drink any more and you'll likely vomit, losing all of the effects. (costs 5 gp, weight is negligible)

Kryn's Salve. This ointment is the consistency of watery oatmeal and dark green in color. When applied to a plant its effects are immediate, seed pods will sprout, flowers blossom, or buds bloom. The plant also will not need watering or sunlight for several days as it thrives from the nutrients of the potion. (30 gp, weighs 1 lb.)

Luminescent Water. To get the best use out of luminescent water it should be placed within a glass vial. When shaken vigorously, the water begins to glow brightly and sheds light as a torch would. It has the added benefit of lasting for four hours; after two hours the bright light becomes dim, and after another two hours the dim light fades entirely. (costs 1 gp, weighs 1 lb.)

Universal Glue. This thick mixture begins to flow slowly as soon as it is exposed to the air. If the mixture is touched to an object it leaves a quickly hardening patch of glue, and if a second object is fixed to this glue then the two objects become bonded together semipermanently. The bond sets within 1 round, but the thick fluid won't bond properly if the two objects are being moved (gluing a grappled creature to an object, or another creature, requires that you exceed their Strength check by 5). The only things that can separate two objects that have been bonded with universal glue are a solvent brewed by an alchemist (of equal worth in gp) or by damaging the bond either with heat or a metal instrument (30 hit points worth) which is likely to damage one or both of the objects. (50 gp, weighs 1 lb.)

Vigorous Respite. This foul concoction is a brackish, thick gruel and most find it difficult to swallow, but its effects are potent and last for several hours. For three hours after being ingested, if the imbiber ever falls to 0 hit points for any reason then they immediately stabilize without the need for rolling death saving throws. (25 gp, weight is negligible)

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