Sunday, November 7, 2010

collection of awesome links

magic items

d100 minor magic items

monsters, mischief-makers, and menaces

Lord Purpon, the hoarder
use Deities & Demigods for populating temples

make a Map

random terrain map without hexes or grids (uses dice)
How to generate a map in Photoshop (video)
How to create (mountain) brushes (video)
How to create trees (video)
How to create mountains and hills (video)
How to create swamps and deserts (video)
Tolkien-Style Map Brushes (1)(2)
Parchment Textures (1)(2)(3)
Calthyechild’s Fantasy Map Tutorial & Resources
World Maps to inspire you (1)(2)(3)(4)

make a City

City Map Generator
Clevergirlhelps’ Brilliant Post on City Planning
Thewritingcafe’s Brilliant Post on City Planning
Streets VS Monuments
How to create a grid in Photoshop
City Brushes
Cities to inspire you (1)(2)(3)(4)

make Misc.

Ship Plans
How Geography Affects Climate
How Streets Evolve as Cities Grow
History of Building Materials
R. Steves’ Europe (Videos)

the great famine of 1315-1317

Need a name?

Location and Setting name generator
Pirate Ship name generator
Ship name generator

5e D&D specific

Moon Slave: Unspeakable Background

this all started because tatraas posted this

follow # links -

Dungeon Area Name
Dungeon Overview
Dungeon Door
Dungeon Dressing
Dungeon Room

Fantasy Characters
Fantasy Names
Fantasy Person Of Interest
Fantasy Town
Fantasy Town Names
Wizard Tower

Plot Twists!

Arcane Books
Weapon Names