Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Apocalyscotia 2: read the sitch

what is it?
the current map for my Apocalypse World game

what are these places?
Gofuckyourself is a lighthouse where the Battlebabe lives
Rutherford is a smallish town run by Brock, some dude who does not inspire a lot of loyalty, the Angel lives here
The Lodge is the former home of the Christmas Cult, now the Chopper's gang (and the Driver) lives there
Fresh Fruit is a small community (6 houses) with a hydroponic farm, owned by Gnarly
Partyville is run by Tum Tum and his gang of murderers, he maintains control by throwing parties almost every day and keeping people drugged up, also the Savvyhead lives here
Bolivia is run by Royal, he's more disciplined and discerning than any of his neighbors

from left to right

what's up with the Skinner?
Crushed (V)elvet spent all her time in Partyville, dancing and partying, since Tum Tum knows how to have a good time, she spotted a mercenary named Angelique up from Bolivia and seduced her

what's up with the Savvyhead?
T-REX spent most of his time walking back to Partyville from Bolivia and when he got there ended up having sex with Crushed (V)elvet (while Angelique watched) instead of working on his laser battery

what's up with the Driver?
Dart helped BLAKKSNAKE take over Fresh Fruit, but then drove into Partyville to fix his muffler, he got laid, then he went to check on a brewery that BLAKKSNAKE's gang had taken over but found everybody dead or dying, upon exiting he got ambushed (and captured) by Tum Tum's gang

what's up with the Chopper?
BLAKKSNAKE's gang doesn't like hanging around one place, they're incredibly nomadic and sometimes they're split up or members are just plain missing, whenever he wants them to do something he's gotta make sure they're all there, but he managed to get all of their attention to ride into Fresh Fruit and offer "protection" to Gnarly

what's up with the Angel?
Jere-Mi is running an infirmary for Brock, but she found an infection going around and some people have already died from it, when Brock got ambushed by some of the rebels Jere-Mi just hid in her infirmary and took some drugs but then opening her brain knocked her unconscious and she woke with some weird bruises and blood on her hands

what's up with the Battlebabe?
fearing that she may get attacked at the lighthouse Snow has decided to stock up with some heavy weaponry but without much luck, Brock tried to get Snow to fight his battles for him and doesn't care how Snow does it, but Snow won't waste time unless Brock coughs up serious coin, meanwhile Honest Jon has anchored just off Gofuckyourself and sold Snow a gun for a fair price

what were the big things you did as MC?
1) tried to give everyone equal time even though they're split up across the map
2) talked about how a tabletop role-playing game is essentially a conversation, so if one person doesn't pay attention it's up to everybody else to bring them up to speed and corral their errant behavior

what story elements did you introduce?
1) somebody named Indigo has been asking about BLAKKSNAKE's gang
2) expanded Royal's guards so they're more like a mercenary force, right now they're hunting T-REX
3) looked through crosshairs at the rebellion against Brock's rule
4) made both Tum Tum and Gnarly seem like real chill dudes in their own ways

what rules did you introduce?
1) gave BLAKKSNAKE a new move
where's the beef?: when you call your gang's attention, roll+cool. On a 10+, they're all here, more or less. On a 7-9, some of them are off somewhere, it will take time to get them all here, -1 to pack alpha or fuckin' thieves. On a miss, more than half of them are off somewhere, -1 to Size until you find a way to get them all back (minimum Size of Small).
2) gave Snow a new move
bad news bears: when you defend Gofuckyourself from attack, roll+sharp. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1:
- you're prepared, you deal +1 harm during the fight *
- you're fortified, +1 armor *
- choose a stat that is not highlighted and highlight it *
* all of these bonuses end once Snow exits Gofuckyourself or Gofuckyourself is breached
On a miss, no bonus, because Gofuckyourself is getting breached right now!
3) introduced a brain-eating disease
but you don't need to know any details about that right now!

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