Tuesday, April 19, 2016

the Merchant


STATS: choose one set
• Grace=0 Might+1 Moxie+2 Insight+1 Magic-2
• Grace-1 Might+1 Moxie+2 Insight+1 Magic-1
• Grace+1 Might=0 Moxie+2 Insight+1 Magic-2
• Grace+1 Might-1 Moxie+2 Insight=0 Magic=0

You start with 4 dialects.
You are literate.

A Vardo is a kind of wagon, a mobile home that also functions as a shop. At start, your Vardo is pulled by two mules.
What kinds of things are in your Vardo? (pick 2 or 3)
• weapons, armor & shields
• jewelry
• artwork & mementos
• intoxicants, delicacies & poisons
• books & maps
• plant & animal specimens
• castoffs & knick knacks
• something else?
Your Vardo begins play with Size+2 (min. -2, max. +4)
If your Vardo is Size=0 or smaller, take -1ongoing.

As long as your Vardo is Size 1 or higher, you can spend time on the side of a road, in a bustling market, or between sessions (if there is appropriate downtime) to sell wares from your Vardo, spend time and roll+Size. On a hit, you earn 1 Gold by reducing the Size of your Vardo by -1, you may do this down to Size=0. On a 10+, you earn 1 extra Gold, even if you don't reduce your Vardo's Size at all. On a miss, you only earn 1 Gold and your Vardo is reduced to Size=0 or gets -2 Size, whichever is worse.

As long as your Vardo is Size 1 or higher, you can go into your Vardo and look for something useful (according to the things in your Vardo). Describe what you are looking for and roll+Size. On a 10+, you find it and your Vardo’s Size holds where it is. On a 7-9, you find it and your Vardo gets -1 to Size. On a miss, you spend time looking for the item but it isn't there, and the Oracle can make a move if she chooses to.

When you stockpile wares for your Vardo from a maker or distributor of goods, spend 1 Gold and roll+Moxie.
On a 10+, it's a good deal and increase your Vardo's Size by +3.
On a 7-9, it'll keep you going, increase your Vardo's Size by +2.
On a miss, increase your Vardo's size by +1, but the Oracle also makes a move.

MOVES you start with all of the moves associated with your Vardo, then choose two more

Acquisitive Eye: when you see, hear about, or otherwise come to know of a thing you want, roll+Insight. On a hit, ask the Oracle questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 2:
• How can I make this mine?
• Who will stand in my way?
• Who will try to take it from me?
• What is this truly worth?
On a miss, ask 1 but your face and body language betray your interest in the thing to anyone who's paying attention.

Bammed Booze: name somebody who might have just finished or just be about to eat, drink, or handle something that has had your attention and roll+Might. On 10+, you've poisoned them, and they suffer 4 Damage AP (soon or within the next day, your call). On a 7-9, it's 2 Damage instead. On a miss, you've poisoned somebody else by accident, maybe several somebodies, the Oracle says who, and they suffer 3 Damage AP right now.

Confidence Game: when you attempt to impersonate somebody of importance (whom you are not!) through sheer guile or bluster, roll+Moxie. On a 10+, your deception works, for now, but the Oracle may test you again later or if your assumed persona begins to slip. On a 7-9, they suspect you're a phony, choose 1:
• They maintain the upper hand if your disguise collapses.
• They are wary and alert for any misstep.
On a miss, they see through you and the Oracle makes as hard a move as appropriate.

Friends In Low Places: whenever you enter a bustling marketplace, you may choose to roll+Moxie.
On a hit, people here have heard of and recognize you, and you say what they've heard; the Oracle will have them respond accordingly.
On a 10+, choose 1.
• somebody here owes you money
• the marketplace is ripe, you can restock your Vardo here
• someone brings you rumors of trade and plunder
On a miss, they've heard of you, but the Oracle will decide what they've heard.

Greed: when you're defending your Vardo from thievery or destruction, you have Armor:2. If you're already wearing armor, use that instead.

Honor Among Thieves: when you're surrounded by bandits or worse, if they can understand what you say then you can Manipulate them using your friendship as leverage.

The Best Investment: when you make a Vardo move, you can choose to skip the roll and take a miss result. Each time you do this make a Mark. These Marks can be spent to add +1forward to later Vardo move rolls. There is no limit to the number of Marks you can accrue.

Words Are Weapons: when you Intimidate, you may roll+Moxie instead of roll+Might.

When another player wants something and you get it into their hands for free, you get +1 Bond with them.
When you swindle an NPC out of money or property, mark 1 xp.

EQUIPMENT: you get
• 1 Gold
• a Vardo
• 2 weapons

• flail (Damage:3 reach area)
• short sword (Damage:2 melee)
• longbow (Damage:3 ranged)
• crossbow (Damage:2 AP ranged reload)
• spear (Damage:3 reach)
• darts (Damage:1 thrown endless)
• dagger (Damage:1 AP melee/thrown)
• hand crossbow (Damage:1 AP ranged)
• whip (Damage:1 reach grapple)

Tell everyone to mark you at +1 Bond
Whatever numbers they tell, add 1 to it
Additionally, you may ask "Which of you has worked for me?" add +1 to whoever says they did.

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