Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the Criminal


STATS: choose one set
• Grace+2 Might+1 Moxie+1 Insight=0 Magic-2
• Grace+2 Might-1 Moxie+1 Insight+1 Magic-1
• Grace+2 Might=0 Moxie+1 Insight-2 Magic=0
• Grace+2 Might=0 Moxie=0 Insight+1 Magic-2

You start with 3 extra dialects, plus Thieves Cant.
You are illiterate.

By default, your guild is composed of disparate entrepreneurs that can be found in half a dozen locations scattered around a city or the countryside, and they're not fucking friendly at all.
Then, choose 2:
• your guild is widespread. can call upon them in any town or city you travel to.
• your guild is well-armed. ...when using Rumble, on a hit you can trade your current weapon for a new one.
• your guild is well-armored. ...when using Rumble, on a hit you can get your armor repaired or replaced for free.
• your guild is greedy. ...when using Guildwork, mark 1 xp when choosing to pay money for their help.
• your guild acts like fucking nobility. ...when using Guildwork, mark 1 xp when choosing to perform a favor.
• your guild recruits regularly. ...when using Guildwork, mark 1 xp when choosing to deal with an upstart.

And choose 1:
• your guild is shiftless and lazy. +poor
• your guild's loose-knit, with members coming and going as they choose. +desertion
• your guild works in the service of somebody more powerful. +obligation
• your guild thrives in the gutters. +disease

MOVES you start with Guildwork, Rumble, and Sticky Fingers
Guildwork: when you turn to your guild for help or assistance, roll+Grace.
On 10+, you get what you want without a fuss.
On 7-9, choose 1:
• you have to pay for their help (the Oracle will set the price)
• you can't call upon the guild again until you perform a favor for them
• somebody challenges your membership, you won't get help until you deal with this upstart
On a miss, your guild demands your obedience and if you don't give it, you're out of the guild.

Sticky Fingers: when you are close to somebody and brush against or past them, roll+Grace. On a hit, choose 1:
• you lift something from off their person
• you place an object into one of their pockets
• you swap an item off of them and replace it with another similar item (take +1forward)
On 10+, nobody notices you doing this. On a 7-9, the Oracle chooses 1, but doesn't need to tell you what they choose:
• somebody (not your target) notices your odd movement
• your target will feel something is off and search their pockets
• the object you took is not what you thought it was
On a miss, you're caught red-handed.

Rumble: when you can recruit members of your guild to fight for you, roll+Moxie. On a hit you can recruit 15 guild members to back you up in a single fight (Damage:2 Armor:0 gang small), you don't control them but you can lead them in the fight and they will back you up and protect you within reason. If more than half of them die, they flee. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:
• they show up in greater numbers (Medium instead of Small)
• they show up with decent weapons (+1 Damage)
• they show up in armor (+1 Armor)
• they fight to the death, instead of fleeing
On a miss, you can still recruit them to fight with no options, but your guild also demands obedience as if you failed a Guildwork roll. You might not be calling the shots when the fight happens.

Be Prepared: when you plan a robbery or burglary with a crew, roll+Insight. On a hit, you get Marks which can be used during the heist. These Marks allow you to roll extra dice and add the results to your roll for a move during the heist. The Marks can be used after seeing the result of a roll. On a 10+, mark 2. On 7-9, mark 1.
On a miss, you gain no benefit and the Oracle makes a move after your next 10+ roll, during the heist, or immediately after the heist, their choice.

Doubleback: when you are being chased or need to hide, roll+Grace. On a 10+, you get away clean, quickly, and quietly. On a 7-9, you get away but choose 1:
• you left a trail that can be followed
• you need to spend time to get away
• you hurt somebody in order to conceal which way you went
On a miss, they know exactly where you are and they're closing in.

Education in Earnest: you can attempt to read script, even translate ancient or dead languages, by spending time, roll+Grace. On a hit, you understand the basic message of the script. On a 10+, you translate it quickly and the Oracle will give you good detail. On a miss, you have wasted time with these scribbles and the Oracle may bring consequences with it.

Lost & Found: when you call out to the shadows for help, roll+Magic. On a hit, the shadows come to life according to your desire. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7–9, pick 1:
• the shadows hide you from sight until you move into bright light or attack another creature
• the shadows quiet your footfalls and movement until you leave the area or attack another creature
• the shadows hold you up so you will not fall, even from the tiniest ledge, and will slow your descent so that you will take no Damage even if you do fall
On a miss, the Oracle can choose one option for an NPC in the area.

Mysterious Figure: you can attempt to Convince or Manipulate an NPC without them even knowing who you are.

The Fagin: when you use Rumble you get +1 option, even on a missed roll.

When another player helps you get away (or similarly protects you) from the authorities, you get +1 Bond with them.
When you steal something worth 1 Gold or more and give it to your Guild without taking a cut, mark 1 xp.

EQUIPMENT: you get
• 1 Gold
• Armor:1
• 1 serviceable weapon
• 1 dagger (Damage:1 AP melee/thrown)

• scimitar (Damage:2 hand valuable messy)
• short sword (Damage:2 hand)
• crossbow (Damage:2 AP ranged reload)
• dagger (Damage:1 AP melee/thrown)
• hand crossbow (Damage:1 AP ranged)
• whip (Damage:1 reach grapple)

Tell everyone to mark you at -1 Bond.
Whatever numbers they tell you, add 2
Additionally, you may ask "Which one of you cheated me out of money?" subtract 2 from whoever says they did.

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