Friday, April 15, 2016

the Mercenary

STATS: choose one set
• Grace+1 Might+2 Moxie-1 Insight+1 Magic-1
• Grace+1 Might+2 Moxie+1 Insight=0 Magic-2
• Grace+1 Might+2 Moxie=0 Insight+1 Magic-2
• Grace+2 Might+2 Moxie-1 Insight=0 Magic-2

You start with 3 dialects.
You are illiterate.

MOVES you start with Favorite Weapon and then choose two more
Favorite Weapon: When you have your Named Weapon in your possession you cannot be disarmed or have your weapon taken away, unless you are knocked unconscious or you give it away freely. No magic or illusions will separate you from your Favorite Weapon.

Bloodthirsty: when you inflict violence and roll 12+, you can declare your opponent defeated and at your mercy, maimed, or dead.

Defend to the End: in battle, when another character suffers damage, roll+Might.
On a 10+, you protect them from damage by taking it yourself and reduce it by -1.
On a 7–9, choose 1:
• you reduce the Damage they take by -1.
• you protect them from damage by taking it all yourself.
• you protect both yourself and them from the damage, but your armor is destroyed by it.
On a miss, the Oracle will declare that you both suffer the Damage or something equally bad.

Desperate Cry: when you pray in the heat of battle, roll+Magic. If you've suffered 1 to 3 Damage then take +1 to the roll, if you've suffered 4 or more Damage then take +2. On a hit, the Oracle must answer questions about what or whom you're fighting. On a 7-9, one question. On a 10+, all three:
• how can I survive this encounter?
• what do they want?
• what is their weakness?
On a miss, nothing gained, and the Oracle doesn't make a move either.

Fearful Presence: when you try to Convince or Manipulate an NPC, you may roll+Might instead of roll+Moxie.

Field Medicine: when you treat the wounded, roll+Insight. On a hit, you stabilize them. On a 7-9, they choose 1:
• they fight you from the pain, take 1 Damage and adjust Bonds accordingly.
• their course of recovery will be slow. All natural healing takes 1 extra day of recovery.
• they owe you for your time, attention, and spent trappings. Tell them to add a +debt to you.
On a miss, they're not stabilized and they take 1 Damage AP right now.

For Hire: when you put the word out that you're looking for work, the Oracle might tell you to spend time, but either way roll+Insight.
On a 10+, you get as many job offers that the Oracle can think of, but she can choose one for each job offered. On a 7-9, you get one job offer and you choose two, the Oracle will tailor the job description based on your choices:
• it's dangerous
• it doesn't pay a lot
• it'll take a long time
On a miss, you get one job offer and all three.

I Wasn't Always Like This: take a move from another playbook. (During initial character creation, choose it from a playbook that isn’t otherwise in play.)

Merciless: when you deal damage, inflict +1 Damage.

When another player fights to preserve your life without promises of payment, you get +1 Bond with them.
When you satiate your lust for carnal knowledge, mark 1 xp.

EQUIPMENT: you get
• 1 named weapon
• a piece of armor worth Armor:2
• 2 Gold

NAMED WEAPON: give a name to your weapon, then choose options
Base (choose 1):
• staff (Damage:1 hand +reach)
• haft (Damage:1 hand)
• handle (Damage:1 hand)
Options (choose 2):
• blade (+1damage)
• chain (+area)
• heavy blade* (+2damage +messy)
• large (+messy +reach)
• long blade* (+2damage)
• ornate (+valuable)
• spiked (+1armor +messy)
* counts as 2 choices

Tell everyone to mark you at +1 Bond
Whatever numbers they tell, add 1 and write it next to the character’s name.
Additionally, ask yourself which of the other players' characters you trust the most, set your Bond to them at +3.

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