Monday, September 1, 2014

a grave on the side of the road

This scene requires that a PC has a lover or spouse, or even better a child. The party is traveling along a dirt road, or a path that is not popularly used, and they see a simple gravestone cut from common rock. If they have passed this way before then they have never seen the gravestone before, it is new to the path despite the fact that it looks worn and weather beaten and old. There is no date but the name carved into the stone is the name of a child to one of the PCs (or a lover or spouse).

If the grave is ignored and they return to town, the child (or lover/spouse) is still alive and doesn't speak of any ill happenings. The grave remains there on repeated journeys along the path.

If the grave is dug up, a wooden coffin so old that it falls apart when trying to pull it up out of the earth lies beneath the stone. Inside the coffin is the very old corpse (at least a hundred years old) of the child, identified either by some distinguishing feature or a piece of jewelry or armor. There is no reliable way to discover how they died.

If the corpse is raised, the spell works exactly as it is described in the rules except the living child collapses dead at the moment the corpse is revived with no memories beyond being alive one moment and then suddenly teleported to wherever the corpse has been raised. Similar kinds of spells placed upon the corpse have similar effects.

If the living person is killed in some way, the corpse takes on visible injuries related to how they died despite the fact that those injuries weren't present before.

The truth is, the corpse IS the living person's body, but perhaps from another time or from another reality. For the purposes of the reality the PCs are in, the corpse and the living person are one and the same and any form of magic or divination will respond accordingly.

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