Sunday, August 31, 2014

post-apocalyptic fiction freeform

Ula mesmerizes the crowd with her juggling, but draws Chrysler near to him, he needs to meet her. She manages to get Chrysler alone after and hypnotizes him, now he will act as her eyes and ears.

When Chrysler saunters into town the next day, he corrals his soldiers along the fences and announces that he's the new mayor, anybody who wants to challenge him can face him now, in front of his men. Nobody does, but Cream takes careful eye of the proceedings.

Cream and Louvre take their time sneaking into Chrysler's camp, but Louvre is forced to make a hard maneuver against Chrysler's enforcers and all hell breaks loose. Cream spends most of his time ducking behind cover while bullets fly between Louvre and Chrysler's men. When the dust settles, Cream and Chrysler are alone, face to face.

Having lost everything in the fight, including his prized car, Chrysler lashes out wildly and recklessly, but Cream is ready and catches him off guard. Cream huddles back down to his tavern, the Cellar, believing the town of Jambalaya to be safe for now, but Ula's attention is focused onto Cream now...


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