Friday, May 30, 2014

links I like

I'm subscribed to a lot of blogs. I like to read about what people are working on, what their ideas are, and feel like I'm simply lurking through the electronic pages of a gaming library. I don't often comment, but I do bookmark. Here are a few links that I think would be invaluable to a lot of gamers.

The Three Opposed Faction Favour Tracker seems like the ideal tool for tracking rival groups in a city-based campaign. If the PCs gain favour with one faction they'll risk alienating the others. It's possible to be in good with two factions at the risk of completely ruining your relationship with the third.

A friend shared this link on facebook and I thought the visual image of the contents from a modern day archaeologist's backpack was too good not to bookmark as a guide for making up equipment lists, as both a player and a GM.

This custom rule for chase scenes uses a deck of cards and is so awesome I've thought about opening sessions with a chase. The author even has a follow-up post covering variations if you want to mix things up a little more. Good stuff!

This List of Medieval and Fantasy Background Sound and Noise is really awesome. I had no idea sound mixers like these existed on the internet. Even if you don't use them they're worth a listen!

This is the most recent post I've bookmarked, and the inspiration for sharing the awesome. Megadungeon Practices is not only a good checklist for how to start constructing a megadungeon, but it could easily be modified for creating a densely populated city, society, or region. Just apply the advice to a different expanse of geography!

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