Thursday, May 22, 2014

gamer ennui

I haven't really been updating this blog because I haven't been playing much lately. In all honesty, I've started to consider packing a lot of my books into boxes and storing them in a corner. I just haven't done that yet because I keep hoping my current gaming ennui will shift or change.

Whether I'm playing or GMing I want to be able to do cool shit as prescribed by the character but I also want to feel challenged by other players, or by the course of the game. I'm just not feeling it. Compound this with only having time to game a couple of nights of the week and scheduling the right mix of players together who all want to play the same thing on the same night is nightmarish.

It becomes even worse when some gamers say "Oh, I'll play anything, but not that one game you really want to play" or "Well, we're already in a game..." followed by "and there's no room for you" or "and it's on the ass-end of town from you" or "and it sucks but we're not going to stop playing" and the absolute worst is "Sure I would love to play, but I don't have time right now, I'll get back to you" promptly followed by never hearing from them ever again. My sleep schedule isn't the best, but I do have weekends off and yet the litany of schedule incompatibility seems as long as the list of gamers I know.

Maybe this is just what gaming will be like from now on but I miss having a regular group that meets for a regular game. I do have a ton of unplayed games that I own and would like to try too, but getting other people to be interested in playing a game is also a hurdle. Google Hangouts seems to be the only place to try out new games or play longterm campaigns with the same people who all consistently want to keep playing the same game.