Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adventure World: the Ranger

Introducing THE RANGER

Avalin, Duren, Ellrin, Feddeth, Mezur, Nyfan, Seth, Teeves, Tyrad
Avile, Charon, Coren, Iska, Kelkale, Releri, Senes, Shadren, Vala

Choose one set:
• Valor=0 Power+2 Moxie-2 Alert+2 Magic-1
• Valor-2 Power+2 Moxie-1 Alert+2 Magic=0
• Valor+1 Power+1 Moxie=0 Alert+2 Magic-1
• Valor-1 Power+1 Moxie+1 Alert+2 Magic=0

You get this 1:

Animal Companion: you get a loyal animal companion that accompanies you and serves as a mount, sentry, scout, or hunting animal, as appropriate and rather than as a protector.
Choose one of these animals:
• Boar: Power+2 Moxie+1 1-armor 1-damage weakness+1
• Cheetah: Power+2 Moxie+2 1-armor 2-damage weakness+2
• Hawk: Power+1 Moxie+2 0-armor 1-damage weakness+1
• Wolf: Power+2 Moxie+2 0-armor 1-damage weakness+1
• Horse: Power+2 Moxie+1 1-armor 1-damage weakness+1
• Crocodile: Power+2 Moxie+1 2-armor 2-damage weakness+2
• Bison: Power+3 Moxie+1 0-armor 2-damage weakness+2
Choose strengths equal to its power:
Fast, aggressive, huge, uncomplaining, alert, attentive, quiet.
Choose looks equal to its moxie:
Sleek, powerful, muscular, pretty, scary.
Choose its weakness or weaknesses:
Slow, loud, sloppy, lazy, picky, messy, unreliable, skittish.
…if you defy danger, add your companion’s power to your roll.
…if you try to seize something by force, add your companion’s power to your roll.
…if you go aggro, add your companion’s power to your roll.
…if you try to seduce or manipulate someone, add your companion’s moxie to your roll.
…if you help or interfere with someone, add your companion’s moxie to your roll.
…if someone interferes with you, add your companion’s weakness to their roll.
Whenever you issue commands to, care for, or otherwise have to interact with your animal companion, roll+alert instead of the normal roll.
If your animal companion dies or leaves your service for any reason, it requires days/weeks of searching and weeks/months of training to acquire a replacement.

Then, choose 1:

Iron Horse: your animal companion (or one of them) is a giant or demonic version, your call. You can ride it like a horse, it has some kind of special attack (3-damage melee area messy) and a chitinous or extra thick skin (+1armor).

Menagerie: you get 2 additional animal companions.

Pack Rat: when you search your many pockets and saddlebags for something, roll+magic. It has to be something small enough to fit. On a 10+, you happen to have just the thing, or close enough. On a 7–9, you happen to have something pretty close, unless what you’re looking for is valuable or rare, in which case no. On a miss, you used to have just the thing, but it turns out that some thief stole it from you.

Two Hands Are Better: when you wield two weapons, you can use them both to inflict damage or use the smaller one as +1armor.

Weather Eye: when you access the arcane nexus, roll+alert instead of roll+magic.

You get:

• 1 handy weapon
• oddments worth 2-gold
• fashion suitable to your look (you detail), worth 2-armor

Handy weapons (choose 1):
• handaxe (2-harm melee messy)
• scimitar (2-harm melee fancy messy)
• longsword (3-harm melee messy)
• flail (3-harm reach area)
• longbow (3-harm ranged)
• spear (3-harm reach)

Everyone introduces their characters by name, look and outlook.
Take your turn.
List the other characters’ names.
Go around again for Hx. On your turn, choose 1 or both:
• One of them has been with you for days on the road. Tell that player Hx+2.
• One of them once got you out of some serious shit. Tell that player Hx+2.
Tell everyone else Hx+1. Everybody knows a bit about who you are and where you’ve been.
On the others’ turns:
• You aren’t naturally inclined to get too close to too many people. Whatever number they tell you, give it -1 and write it next to their character’s name.
At the end, find the character with the highest Hx on your sheet. Ask that player which of your stats is most interesting, and highlight it. The MC will have you highlight a second stat too.

If you escort, guide, or protect another character, they get +1Hx with you on their sheet, but give yourself -1Hx with them on yours.
Whenever any character (NPCs included) gives you anything, take -1forward. You’re no good at taking compliments or faking social graces.

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