Thursday, February 11, 2021

AW Psionics

...with apologies to velexiraptor, this is my take on their elegant OSR psionics system as applied to Apocalypse World.

When you wield psionic powers, speak a brief sentence to a subject - the sentence must have a Verb as the principle action of the sentence, and roll+weird. 

On a 10+, your subject acts out the sentence, making your intentions manifest, for as long as you are within sight of them or you decide to end the effect

On a 7-9, the effect occurs but choose 1:

- the MC can change any 1 word of your sentence

- others hear you and know something odd originated from you, they might come after you now, or later

- something from the unfettered realms sees you and moves closer, maybe it arrives!

On a miss, the MC rewrites the sentence using the same Verb.

Possible Verbs are: accept, adopt, approach, become, bring, build, change, continue, describe, distribute, ensure, explain, fail, fight, forget, get, give, go, hide, hold, ignore, introduce, lead, leave, lose, mention, neglect, offer, open, prepare, prevent, pursue, recommend, reveal, say, stop, take, tend, wait

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