Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Infinite Dungeon Generator with a deck of cards

Suit: Clubs have enemies of fewer HD than PCs, then Hearts (enemies of same HD as PCs), then Diamonds (enemies are 1 or higher HD than PCs), and Spades is highest (enemies are up to double the HD of PCs)

Value: is the number of things in room, roll 1d12 and this is how many monsters there are (up to the value of the card), the rest are objects or treasure, face cards should have more treasure than monsters; Ace cards should just be treasure! Ace of Spades is just a room with a very valuable treasure, Queen of Spades potentially has 12 monsters with double the HD of the PCs

Passages: the card value also determines how many more rooms split off, divisible by 3 have three rooms splitting off (3,6,9,Queen), divisible by 4 have two rooms splitting off (4,8,Queen), this means the Queen rooms always have a secret passage leading out, the rest of the cards have one more room

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