Sunday, June 18, 2017

Guaranteed Destiny

Dear Batman,
Look up the following battle moves:
stand overwatch
• do single combat with someone
• you're the mouse
• board a moving vehicle
(road war move, technically)
For this session only, the first time you attempt that move, you'll get an experience point (in addition to any other experience point you might earn for having a stat highlighted).
Love & Kisses,
Your MC

I decided to be nice

Dear Cynnymyn,
You and your followers have retreated to Last York to lick their wounds. Before you roll Fortunes, choose 1:
• for this session only, when you read a person, roll+weird instead of +sharp
• for this session only, when you make the harm move you roll at -2
• when you roll Fortunes, take +2 to Fortune
Love & Kisses,
Your MC

for one session only

Dear Jonesy Sundown,
Staking out the boneyard has affected you deeply, choose 1:
the boneyard has quickened your psychic development, for this session only, if you "get a new brainer move" it only takes 4 experience to unlock the improvement
the boneyard has shown you visions of important people around the area, add +1HX with everyone and I'll also tell you one of Grome's and Shark's secrets
Love & Kisses,
Your MC

this won't happen again

Dear Ooplar Grand Cherokee,
Anyone who helps you take out Gnarly and his raiders, will get +1HX with you for helping, and you will also get +2HX with them (+1HX when they first agree to help you and +1HX again at the end of the session; also, you don't need to tell anyone what you get out of it)
HOWEVER! For this session only, if you take Gnarly out without anybody else's help, you'll get 3 experience. Storming his compound might get you killed, but if you could lure him out...
Love & Kisses,
Your MC

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