Wednesday, December 4, 2013

kickstarter + indiegogo update 3

You can see all of the projects I've contributed to on Kickstarter, but these are the projects that are undelivered and past due. I'm not going to do another kickstarter-related update until I see at least two of the prime suspects get fulfilled.


These projects are all over one year late.

Double Fine Adventure:
Estimated Delivery: October 2012
The first hugely successful kickstarter video game project, and the first example of feature creep in a project. The video game has gotten so big that now the game has been split into two parts and the first part still isn't even out yet.

Estimated Delivery: August 2012
Infamous amongst the OSR gaming crowd for the project creator's breakdown during development. Development and production has moved into the publisher's hands, with still no clear sign that it will be finished anytime soon.

The Banner Saga:
Estimated Delivery: November 2012
The best example of a video game project suffering from feature creep. Not to mention the weird multiplayer debacle that delayed everything! It's another project that is over a year late.

Drifter: A Space Trading Game:
Estimated Delivery: November 2012
Another video game project, and another project that is over a year late. Version 0.4.0 is out, but I'm going to call this project late because he hasn't gotten to version 1.0.0, and it's a project that is clearly not finished since the last update was all about what will be in Version 0.5.0

Champions of ZED:
Estimated Delivery: August 2012
An OSR rpg, and another in a long line of OSR rpgs that got kickstarted and then indefinitely delayed. Backers received the pdf copy of the game, but the print version is still ... in limbo. I don't even know. There seems to be a trend that any delayed rpg has either family "issues" or repeated bouts of illness as an excuse for the delays, but this game is over a year late.

Axes and Anvils:
Estimated Delivery: November 2012
This failed project (I don't believe it will ever be finished and delivered upon) has gotten a lot of attention and notoriety for one big reason. Namely, the project creator was an established "name" in the gaming industry before he launched several kickstarters that all spiraled out of control and died. I count myself fortunate that I only got ripped off for $20, some poor individuals gave him hundreds of dollars!

+5 Food of Eating Cookbook:
Estimated Delivery: September 2012
A gamer-themed cookbook, that I now regret backing at the print level. The creator has at least offered refunds to those who don't want to wait for a print copy.

Horror on the Orient Express:
Estimated Delivery: August 2013
Another victim of feature creep. They say it will be going to print "very soon."

Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between: A Patron Sourcebook for DCC RPG:
Estimated Delivery: December 2012
"The books have been printed but we're still waiting for delivery." I wrote that two months ago and still have nothing! Supposedly everything has been shipped and it will be here by Christmas.


These projects are late, but haven't reached that 'one year' mark. Yet.

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory:
Estimated Delivery: December 2013
A multi-part documentary explaining modern politics from the same guy who did Everything is a Remix. One of the first projects I backed and it's only hitting it's delivery date now. Backers have been able to see a little bit of the work he's done to finish it up, but the first (of six) episodes still hasn't been released and I went in for the full DVD, which means it's late.

Wasteland 2:
Estimated Delivery: October 2013
Another video game project that suffered a little from feature creep. It looked like they had planned production very well and it was going to be on time, but distractions aside, video game development is unpredictable but predictably always suffers delays. They're in Beta right now and it sounds like they're almost done.

Estimated Delivery: June 2013
I keep forgetting that I backed this project. Another video game. The lateness was expected given their ambitions, but they're bad at updating backers with new developments.

Tavern Cards:
Estimated Delivery: April 2013
In all fairness, I never imagined this project would come in on time.

Alas Vegas:
Estimated Delivery: June 2013
Late but almost done, maybe, and I'm beginning to wonder why I've funded so many RPGs.

Achtung! Cthulhu:
Estimated Delivery: August 2013
Should be going to print soon. The digital rewards have all been released.

TARDIS Eruditorum:
Estimated Delivery: November 2013
Delayed to January.

The Agents:
Estimated Delivery: November 2013
They're a little late. According to them, all of the backers should receive their copies before Christmas.

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