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Everything I have Kickstarted

A little over a month ago I wrote a summary of all of the games I had contributed to on Kickstarter. One of my friends was curious about all of the non-gaming related things I kickstarted as well, so I'm doing a complete listing now of everything I've given money to on Kickstarter. These projects are listed in the same order that they display on my Kickstarter profile page.

Because I've funded so many Kickstarters (59 as of this writing), the little color wheel on my Kickstarter page was almost full but not quite. I decided to contribute a single dollar to a few Kickstarters just to fill in the wheel because I am a huge dork and I had $6 to burn. Those are denoted below simply with green words saying "$1 recipient"

So here's the format:
  • Name of the project is a link to the project but these words are a link to my KS profile: Estimated Delivery: May 2013, brief description of project and whether or not it was delivered on time

  • Torchbearer: Estimated Delivery: September 2013, Burning Wheel + OSR game, also just started
  • TARDIS Eruditorum: Estimated Delivery: November 2013, essays about Doctor Who, as of this writing he's a week from finishing but I expect this to be late because he hit a few stretch goals that he made up after starting the project
  • NUIA eyeCharm: Estimated Delivery: Jul/August 2013, use your eyes to control a Kinect sensor, $1 recipient
  • The Doom That Came to Fiddle Creak: Estimated Delivery: October 2013, a Lovecraft marionette play, $1 recipient
  • The Secret Order of the Black Diamond: Estimated Delivery: June 2013, a not entirely serious secret society in Kansas, $1 recipient
  • America: Witnessed: Estimated Delivery: August 2013, a photography book, $1 recipient
  • NotEqual.: Estimated Delivery: May 2013, avant-garde fashion designer, $1 recipient
  • The Union Project Dance Company: Estimated Delivery: May 2013, dance company needs a space to perform, $1 recipient
  • Small World 2: Estimated Delivery: December 2013, iOS version of board game, on time as far as I know
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera: Estimated Delivery: December 2014, a video game, I will be pleasantly surprised if this arrives on time
  • Deadwood Studios USA: Estimated Delivery: September 2013, deluxe version of old board game, still in progress - no updates since funding ended
  • Achtung! Cthulhu: Estimated Delivery: August 2013, Cthulhu + World War 2 rpg, hit lots of stretch goals but it still looks on schedule
  • Dungeon Roll: Estimated Delivery: August 2013, dungeon delving dice game, appears to be on schedule!
  • Sea Dracula: Judicial Inquest at Gamestorm 2013: Estimated Delivery: March 213, only funded this for the Apocalypse World playbook offered, I got my goods weeks within the project ending!
  • Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons' final EP: Estimated Delivery: July 2013, a local band wants to do one last album before they split up
  • God Hates Astronauts: Estimated Delivery: May 2013, webcomic printed into deluxe graphic novel, exactly on time!
  • Rifftrax wants to Riff Twilight Live in Theaters Nationwide: Estimated Delivery: August 2013, self-explanatory, hopefully on time!
  • The Last Days of Coney Island: Estimated Delivery: May 2013, animated film by Ralph Bakshi, I don't think he understood what "estimated delivery" meant
  • The blue Girl: Estimated Delivery: February 2014, documentary about Susan Oliver, on time as far as I know
  • Alas Vegas: Estimated Delivery: June 2013, weird horror rpg, frequently updates and it seems on time
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess Free RPG Day Adventure: Estimated Delivery: July 2013, self-explanatory, I'd wager money that this will be on time
  • Fate Core: Estimated Delivery: March 2013, got some pdfs but the an rpg book, two months late
  • Tavern Cards: Estimated Delivery: April 2013, a deck of cards + rpg resource, regular progress and updates but still late
  • Ehdrigohr: Estimated Delivery: April 2013, tribal African rpg, slow moving but consistent - still late
  • Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual: Estimated Delivery: June 2013, an OSR rpg book, delivered two months early!
  • Póstumo - The Deck of the Dead: Estimated Delivery: February 2013, a deck of cards with zombie iconography, delivered two months late
  • "The Goon" movie: Estimated Delivery: December 2012, a movie based on a comic book, I got my rewards on time
  • Spears of the Dawn: Estimated Delivery: March 2013, an African-inspired OSR rpg, was delivered 2 months early!!
  • The Art of Brom: Estimated Delivery: June 2013, a book of Brom's artwork, looks on schedule
  • The Power Principle: Estimated Delivery: September 2012, 1st issue of a self-published comic book, on time
  • Horror on the Orient Express: Estimated Delivery: August 2013, Call of Cthulhu rpg scenario, they might be late but I'm not too worried
  • Bos Meadery: Estimated Delivery: September 2012, local business, on time and so far they've been very successful - GOOD MEAD!
  • Numenera: Estimated Delivery: July 2013, a new rpg from Monte Cook, if this gets delayed it will still release this year
  • +5 Food of Eating Cookbook: Estimated Delivery: September 2012, gamer-themed cookbook, inexcusably late
  • Axes and Anvils: Estimated Delivery: November 2012, a dwarf-obsessed rpg, I will be surprised if this ever gets delivered
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow, Cobra Juicy album: Estimated Delivery: October 2012, self-explanatory, everything was either early or on time
  • CLANG: Estimated Delivery: February 2013, Neal Stephenson's swordfighting video game, I only funded this to support the work but I think they could have gone through an established game studio for assistance
  • The Horror in Clay: Estimated Delivery: October 2012, a Cthulhu tiki mug, it was a little late
  • Champions of ZED: Estimated Delivery: August 2012, an OSR rpg, updates are few and far between but he's got a rough draft... whoop dee doo
  • Drifter: A Space Trading Game: Estimated Delivery: November 2012, a video game, 6 months late and there's a "beta" build for the game
  • Our Last Best Hope: Estimated Delivery: August 2012, GM-less rpg about saving the world, delivered late but I have it and for some reason still haven't played it yet
  • Amanda Palmer: record, art book, and tour: Estimated Delivery: September 2012, self-explanatory, on time and I actually got more than I paid for so her critics can go fuck themselves with razorblade dildos because she treats her supporters well
  • Phil Tippet's "MAD GOD": Estimated Delivery: December 2013, weird apocalyptic animated film, production is moving faster than expected!
  • New Fire: Estimated Delivery: July 2012, an Aztec-inspired rpg, super late but eventually delivered
  • OGRE Designer's Edition: Estimated Delivery: November 2012, a new 6th edition for the OGRE board game, production difficulties and bloated stretch goals have really delayed this game but frequent updates are informative and show that lots of work is being put into the final product
  • Zombicide: Estimated Delivery: September 2012, a zombie board game I liken to Left 4 Dead, delivered super EARLY
  • Nekro: Estimated Delivery: June 2013, a video game whee you play a necromancer, infrequent updates but otherwise seems on time
  • Curse the Darkness: Estimated Delivery: August 2012, a horrific post-apocalyptic rpg, still haven't played it yet (what's wrong with me?!)
  • Shadowrun Returns: Estimated Delivery: January 2013, Shadowrun video game, I always thought their estimated delivery date was optimistic
  • The Banner Saga: Estimated Delivery: November 2012, a combat strategy video game, super late and super disappointed
  • Wasteland 2: Estimated Delivery: October 2013, post-apocalyptic video game, super excited for this one and it looks like it will be on time
  • Dwimmermount: Estimated Delivery: August 2012, an OSR megadungeon, LATE but it's moving forward again now that James Maliszewski has been divorced from the project
  • This is Not a Conspiracy Theory: Estimated Delivery: December 2013, a multi-part documentary explaining modern politics from the same guy who did Everything is a Remix, appears on schedule
  • Farmageddon: Estimated Delivery: July 2012, a farm-building card game, got it one month late
  • Return of the Deck of the Living Dead: Estimated Delivery: April 2012, zombie-themed deck of cards, delivered two months late
  • Double Fine Adventure: Estimated Delivery: October 2012, Tim Schafer's next video game, like Ralph Bakshi I don't think these guys understood the phrase "estimated delivery" when they set their kickstarter up

    Green delivered on time or early
    Blue not delivered yet but not late either
    Yellow means late but delivered
    Red means late and not yet delivered
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    1. I'll be interested to know how Ehdrigohr turns out. Also, Spears of the Dawn looks cool.


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