Friday, May 10, 2013

Dungeon World playbooks

I made letter-sized playbooks for Dungeon World, similar to Apocalypse World only in that they're printed double-sided and along the short edge of the page. I left plenty of empty space on the second page for changing Bonds around and picking up extra Gear.
And treasure of course!

Click on the pictures to see bigger versions

The pdfs are in color, but as you can see from the pictures they print off into black and white just fine. They're intended to be printed two-sided, divided by the short edge of the paper.

  • the Bard
  • the Cleric, and Cleric spells
  • the Druid
  • the Fighter
  • the Paladin
  • the Ranger
  • the Thief
  • the Wizard, and Wizard spells
  • Moves booklet
  • the Barbarian
  • the Dungeoneer, by Johnstone Metzger