Wednesday, April 11, 2012

not complaining about Mass Effect 3

Now that I've finished playing Mass Effect 3, I can finally read all of the essays and watch all of the videos about the ending. Fair warning: THERE BE SPOILERS HERE! so stop reading and don't watch any of the videos if you haven't played ME3 yet.

There's an essay on the Penny Arcade Report which breaks down the common complaints of the ending and rebukes them, and I quite like it.

My favorite video has to be this one, which lays out a really good explanation for the main character suffering from the effects of the Reapers' indoctrination ability. I really like this explanation for the ending, not just because it makes sense (with one slight hiccup) but because it means my Shepard got indoctrinated. Tragedy is awesome!

Then there's this episode of the Jimquisition where he points out that so many people being upset about the ending legitimizes video games as a modern adult artform. Very good stuff here.

And that's pretty much it. After talking about the ending with Jake, and then reading/watching these essays/videos I am firmly convinced that the ending of the game is a hallucination and that I lost to the Reapers. And if Bioware changes that interpretation with their "extended ending DLC" later this summer, then I'm just going to ignore them because they obviously lost sight of what they were doing: telling an awesome story. AND TRAGEDY IS AWESOME!

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