Saturday, September 21, 2019

what I think I want in D&D

  • the gods are physical beings, existing within the world and can be talked to and/or killed
  • there is no turning undead
  • spellcasting doesn't even use levels or slots, spells just work or require an expenditure of HP or ability score loss (draining STR or CON) or something that replenishes with rest
  • spellcasting is something anyone can do if they have the right stats
  • there are no classes
  • only humans
  • static DCs for d20 rolls
  • equipment and gear more important than stats
  • exploration is more important than fighting
  • combat as war
  • leveling up is an explicitly magical THING that you have done to yourself, it doesn't happen often but could be something characters work towards
  • lore is baked into the world, if the Magic Missile spell exists then people know who created it, where it's been used, and how they might find it

    I have no idea if any of this is doable, but I'm going to try

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