Wednesday, December 19, 2018

poor parenting

I've been neglecting this blog. I've been content being a lurker on most forums and on most blogs, only commenting when I truly feel like I have something to add to a conversation, and largely haven't been making anything new, just working on my own games and keeping my players entertained. With the collapse of g+ I'm losing the avenue of expression that served me the best. In the meantime, I've joined reddit and I've decided to make writing in my blog a regular occurence, even though I believe I only have about 20 regular readers. Hi folks! and thanks for sticking with me during my protacted silence!

Things I want to do in 2019:
- produce a rulebook for my players, used exclusively at my table
- draw more maps
- write an adventure and publish it online
- write in this blog at least once a week

Not incredibly lofty goals, but it's difficult to make time for writing when I don't have a comfortable space to work in. These next few weeks I'm not celebrating the holidays, instead I'm cleaning my house, rearranging furniture, and preparing to sell a whole bookcase worth of board games, card games, and books just to clear out space.


  1. Would you consider finishing your conversions of the other Heralds of Hell? I like what you've done so far and would love to see your take on the damned in particular!

    1. I was horribly exhausted from working and honestly forgot to finish these up (they're actually all written out and approved by Metzger, I just need to add artwork!)
      I quit my job right before the holidays and now that we're in a new year I'll work on these on my days off. Thanks for the reminder!

    2. Lovely, I can't wait to see them! (I was also the original comment)

    3. Tomorrow is my day off, and the next one will be the Damned (the Sorcerer artwork is being drawn right now)

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