Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Apocalyptic Settlement Generator

I made these cards for creating an apocalyptic settlement. I brainstormed a list of things you might find in a post-apoc settlement and out of that I assigned priorities to different items. Every settlement is probably going to have a Bustling Marketplace, right? But not every settlement is going to have an Entrance to Sewers or a Metalyard filled with scrap. The lower priority items went on later pages.

Here's the link to my Apocalyptic Settlement Generator - inspired by a post of Dyson's.

With the pages printed off, the players take turns drawing a card and placing it somewhere in the settlement. You can also "burn" a card, meaning you put it aside or rip it up or whatever and then the settlement either has NOTHING like that or it has a TON of those things or similar features. I did this with my group and the first card to get burned was Drug Dealer, which meant there were drugs everywhere and they were easy to find/buy.

It should be pretty easy to print off the first 2 pages and just use those, but additional pages should be good for adding custom details or expanding into a huge sprawling city. The last page is blank so you can add places you think you might need (also, with an editor you can go into the last page and just add items with the vtks_good_luck_for_you font).

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