Monday, March 7, 2016

backstory: The town of Waker Field is run by a blind child prophetess named Matilda, or rather, by the cult that worships her.

action: Quarantine was being chased by three gang members, the Foxgloves, and one Foxglove blindfired at the player from around a corner, the Quarantine rolled an 8 on Act Under Fire. I offered him three options:

• blindfire hits you, but you can pop a shot off at the guy’s hand too

• blindfire doesn’t hit you, but you’re still exposed

• blindfire doesn’t hit you, but it hits an innocent bystander instead

He chose the third option, and in my notes I wrote “who is the bystander?”

consequence: The innocent bystander was Matilda’s father. Now the Quarantine can’t figure out why the cult hates him and considers him a public menace, the drug dealer he works for is suddenly fighting off the Foxglove gang as well as being pressured by the cult to give up the Quarantine.

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