Wednesday, September 2, 2015

six swords [5e]

the Silmite Sword
Fashioned of a silvery metal, with a simple hilt and a rounded pommel, this blade is completely smooth and somewhat cylindrical with a single edge molded out of one side.
1d8 slashing, 2 lb., versatile (1d10)
...while holding this blade, you believe you are the best at everything you do, regardless of whether you are or not. This confers disadvantage on Charisma checks, but your boosted confidence means you're immune to fear, both mundane and magical.

Blade of Liberation
This steel sword has a fine tracing of electrum along its side, the ornate metalwork depicts an optical illusion of a sphere flying along a path that reverses back upon itself. The pommel and hilt are made of fine steel and leather, but are worn from use.
1d8 slashing, 3 lb., versatile (1d10)
...while holding this weapon by the hilt, you are always under the effects of a freedom of movement spell.

Tooth Smasher
This iron scimitar has a dull and beaten blade, while it appears old from use it shows no signs of rust. The hilt is threadbare wrapping of silk which could easily be replaced.
1d6 slashing, 3 lb., finesse, light
...when you attack with this weapon and roll a natural 20, the weapon deals an additional 2d6 damage (beyond the normal critical damage) and the opponent struck loses a tooth (there is no saving throw to resist this effect). If the opponent does not have a tooth to lose then no additional effect is incurred.

Sinner's Sword
This powerful cutlass is made of adamantine metal, with five wide purple gems embedded along its length, a silver hilt wrapped in platinum wire, and a small pommel to provide balance.
1d8 slashing, 3 lb., versatile (1d10)
...while you have this sword in your possession you are immune to banishment and are proficient with Deception and Persuasion checks (if you are already proficient then you receive advantage). Additionally, regardless of your alignment, others will always detect you as being evil, and you are effected by protection from evil effects as if you are evil.

the Demon Blade of Aishapra
A sinister looking scimitar of black metal. The hilt is wrapped in a soft but drying leather, with a pommel shaped like a snake's head - the blade extends like a great black tongue and has many whorls and hooks and does not easily fit within a scabbard.
1d8 slashing, 3 lb., finesse, light
...while using this weapon you add your Charisma modifier to the damage rolled. Additionally, when you slay a living creature with this sword (undead and constructs don't count) you receive HP equal to half of your opponent's maximum HP, if this takes you over your maximum HP then you receive the extra HP as temporary HP which will disappear after your next short rest.

Skull Piercer
This rapier has a blade of steel with a hilt wrapped in dull purple-stained leather. The large, round pommel is stamped with the image of a thorny stem, and a hornet within a banner (as emblem). Four quillons shaped like talons surround the blade.
1d8 piercing, 2 lb., finesse
...while you have this sword in your possession you can detect thoughts at will (as a bonus action) and you can read any language or writing as if you were under the effects of a comprehend languages spell.

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