Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"There's a centipede flying down the hall!"
[5e Dwimmermount]

For our second session of Dwimmermount we picked up the game in the middle of a chase. Orcs were fleeing from the party and there was some concern that the orcs would regroup and attack them in force. The party was on the verge of collapse but managed to repel the few attacks that came their way.

Brughaht freed the captive dwarf, Balfur, from the orcs and the two fought their way back to the rest of the group. Though Balfur collapsed from his wounds, Brughaht was able to save his life and valiantly carried him back.

Tsetsig was able to see the presence of a huge gelatinous monster blocking one of the halls that led further into Dwimmermount. There was a giant centipede thrashing away futilely inside the creature and the rest of the party could only see the giant insect unless they stopped to actively look for the creatuire. As the party pursued the orcs down a long hall, the gelatinous cube pursued them at its own slow pace.

Horatius and Ilona secured an empty room along the hall and called for a brief respite. The room held a ghostly apparition of two men playing some type of boardgame, though no action or magic could alter the form of this spectral replica. The orcs appeared to be barricading the north entrance to Dwimmermount, where they had regrouped and collected more of their number. While resting in the room, the sounds of running men could be heard in the south hall followed by the slow pursuit of the gelatinous creature, though no one tried to secure entry to where the party recuperated.

After their rest they ventured through the rooms connected to where they rested and finding nothing of immediate interest ventured toward the entrance, expecting to have to force a fight to secure their escape from Dwimmermount, instead they found the doors had indeed been barricaded from entry but the room was entirely abandoned. They quickly fled the dungeon and returned to Muntburg.

In the fortress town they collected the bounties for their collected orc heads, and the Captain of the Guard was surprised at the number of heads brought in for his posted reward. Horatius immediately visited the Bonding House to hire the goblin he had spoken to the day before, Braak, as a torchbearer. The party rested for the night at the local inn (I allow the PCs to level up only after taking a long rest) and at dawn, as they left the outer castle, the party was approached by a young self-described arcanist by the name of Climent Belary who wished to accompany them. When questioned he offered that there were legends of an "alchemist's door" in Dwimmermount and he wished to discover and study it. (These NPCs are mentioned, with varying amounts of detail, on pages 67 and 69.) They agreed to allow Climent along in their venture.

Then they set off for Dwimmermount again...
...and that's where we left off.

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