Monday, January 20, 2014

the Aurymites

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Aurymites are hairless, standing between seven and nine feet tall, and have massively muscular bodies with golden skin, silvery metallic eyes and wide mouths. Their eyes grow darker as they get older, and Aurymites that manage to live into an elderly age have irises that are almost completely black. An all-female race, it is not understood how they reproduce but when they do become pregnant they gestate for a few months before commonly giving birth to twins or triplets, sometimes more. Despite the Aurymites' lanky height and widely muscular bodies they're an extremely agile race that can contort their bodies through thin gaps and claustrophobic spaces.

They speak vaguely or remain quiet when dealing with other races. Aurymites are not very emotional and are considered humorless, as hired mercenaries they are known to be rigidly disciplined. Normally they are all strict vegetarians, and they only eat meat if there is nothing else available to consume, some Aurymites would rather eat grass and leaves than eat the flesh of any animal. They can seem capricious and woe to those who carelessly offend an Aurymite's honor, as they can become suddenly and brutally violent with no warning. Fights between Aurymites are frequently to the death and blood feuds between Aurymites can last for generations, but fights between individual Aurymites are rare. Aurymites follow a code of honor that has specific rules for engaging in violence, those that do not follow the code are thought of as filthy or untrustworthy. Lies, deliberate insults, and thievery are all things that Aurymites have been known to kill over with little hesitation.

Aurymites were once part of a wealthy kingdom in the western isles that has now dissolved into anarchic conclaves, the lineage of the old kingdom remains and loyalists still follow their Queen. Aurymites who no longer follow the monarchy are considered traitors, and very few attempt to return to their homeland as there is a strong schism of hatred between the declining loyalists and growing freeborn nomads. Many Aurymites perished during the upheaval of their old kingdom and many now travel in nomadic packs, though some have settled amongst the cities of the Dwarf and Junian peoples.

Giving a hired person acclaim is common among them, they regard employers or patrons who don't personally respect them as individuals as dishonorable. Forgetting a person's name when you have spent time with them is also considered a grave offense. However, they believe that indentured servitude can be used to pay debts as long as the paymaster is fair. An Aurymite who is known to have turned their back on honor is likely to be killed amongst their own kind, even the freeborn, thus a solitary Aurymite is always to be feared and respected. Or both.

Aurymites were at one time regarded as profound philosophers and masterful healers, but the collapse of their society has led many of them to live out their lives as hunters or thieves. They still spend their leisure time philosophizing, and they enjoy debating politics and ethics though few non-Aurymites are willing to engage them. Despite their brutal reputation, Aurymites are very respectful and cordial. Disagreements and arguments are common, but as long as insults are not exchanged they can walk away as equals. Their healing abilities are well renowned, though they have never been known to share the secret with non-Aurymites.

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