Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Death Frost Doom

In my regular group we've been playing Dungeon World, and I've been grinning and bearing it because the GM had the idea of trying a Lamentations of the Flame Princess module using the Dungeon World system. It was an interesting crossbreed.

Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't played Death Frost Doom stop reading here. If you have played Death Frost Doom, then read on.

Before the game began the GM asked me if I wanted to play through that module because she knew I owned it. I promised I could keep relatively in character for the game, and informed her of everything I could remember about the module in case she wanted to change a few things up and surprise me.

We had a druid in our group who can talk to plants, and as we got closer to the plant that keeps all of the undead asleep the druid could hear the susurrus as the repeated word "sleep."

Some uses of the Discern Realities move revealed insights into the weirdness of the cabin and the functions of the underground temple, but the GM was conservative with details most of the time and many of the players seemed to find direction to pursue other goals. We had one of those long breaks between two sessions where players forget what they were doing in the last session and this was most incongruous for me as I tried to remind people of the horrible things we had seen in the last session, several weeks ago for the players but only a few hours for the characters.

I know that the ground is cursed and it's not wise to camp anywhere on the mountain, but our GM was pretty lenient in that regard, everybody was able to rest up their characters after one day of delving and then continue the next without issue. This is the only thing that really threw me a curveball because I was expecting a terrible morning that never came.

We found the secret passage that leads down to the crypt, but it was choked with vines. The paladin surmised that it was too tight a fit to cut through the vines and the wizard refused to let anybody burn the vines. We were looking for a Codex, which was the MacGuffin of our quest, a book that could translate the ancient Duvan-Ku language and the wizard objected on the grounds that should the flames reach down to some chamber where the Codex was stored our entire quest would be wasted. I echoed the wizard's plans, as I had been doing that before we began this adventure, one of my bonds was that I thought he was incapable of surviving without my help.

The chamber where one must put a tooth into the basin in order to open the door was one that stopped the group. The ceiling, however, is lined with skeletons hanging from chains and after asking a few questions about the chamber and waiting suitably long enough for other players to figure it out, I knocked a skeleton down and used a tooth from it's skull to open the door.

There was little exploring beyond that door as the paladin dedicated himself to finding the Codex and had an unerring sense of direction towards it. However the bard and the thief seemed to forgot how horrible this place was during our second day of exploring and insisted on checking every room because "the Codex isn't going anywhere" while my dwarf was insistent that this was an evil place and we should just grab the Codex and leave quickly.

When we got to the "heart" of the vine plant we saw that it was blocking our path to the Codex, and the paladin carved a hole through the plant so the thief could get past and pocket the Codex, and he pocketed everything he could find while the rest of us fought the plant as it lashed out at us. I struck the killing blow.

We saw the grate in the ceiling and saw that as our escape route. The paladin and my fighter guarded the doorway while everyone else managed to climb up the shaft to the surface before we became overwhelmed by the waking undead. We saw the dead rising from their graves and pouring out of the cabin so we left and fled down the mountain as quickly as possible. When we made camp a consensus was reached that the undead must be coming for the Codex and were awakened because we disturbed it from it's chamber, I slept with the Codex far from camp so that in case I was attacked by undead in the night the rest of the party would be alerted and could flee.

And that's where we left the last session.