Friday, October 18, 2013

Mike Nystul

This fucking guy! What a sack of shit.
Two weeks ago he announced he would be couch-surfing across the country while he looked for gainful employment, and managed to also mention that he was headed to Burning Man.
You don't get a job by traveling around the country.
You can't be productive if you don't have a stable income.
And Burning Man costs money, so he isn't dirt poor like he claims.

And now he wants to start a new project.

Apparently he's already spending money that he doesn't have on it when he has still failed to deliver on all of his previous projects.

When I've been unemployed for longer than three weeks I start looking for jobs anywhere and everywhere: book stores, coffee shops, restaurants, groceries, newspaper routes. But from what I hear, he's still holding out for writing gig while he continues to post stupid shit up on his facebook all the time, every day. You don't get income by sitting on the fucking internet.

The man and his ideas are becoming synonymous with his namesake: mundane trash cloaked with a rudimentary illusion of value and importance.


  1. I know this will get deleted because you love your echo chamber, but you have no say in this man's life, and you really should back off before this becomes a textbook harassment issue. You are stalking a man to see what he posts and if it lives up to what you want to see. Pathetic.

    1. Screencaps were taken by somebody else and posted into a public community, and in order to harass somebody you need to actually contact them. Speaking your mind about a businessman being a liar and a lazy bum is still protected under free speech, especially when he posts all of the information about his life online. Do a little research before you decide to kiss Nystul's ass in public again.

    2. He responded to the blog, here is his response. Just for you.

      "LURKERS: I am *NOT* considering another crowdfunded project. I have said so in a post to my A&A Backers just to be certain I am clear on this. I have no right to go back to that well until my other forays there have been resolved. FYI: my Oct 17th post about Novice Hearts and clip art was a test of concept that took only part of an evening between other assignments and has been back burnered because i have no time for it. Obviously. This is part of what I meant about people using Facebook as news. I fiddle a lot. It is part of my creative process. That ain't going to stop. I also play with ideas here on my FB account. That ain't stopping either. I know at least one person who I have blocked is monitoring my account so he can take swipes at me. Creepy, eh? Seems like he could just watch porn like everyone else. Maybe I'll start posting selfies. Ok: issue2: I am a*NOT* traveling to find work - my lifestyle and the reasons for it are no one's business but my own. More clarity on what am and will be doing and why: I may in fact do some writing in the RPG field. I know that seems messy when I have stuff I need to deliver but I also need income. I realize it would be simpler conceptually if I flipped burgers for staying alive $$ and all my creative time was put into overdue stuff. It didn't work out that way (I looked for a "joe job" for quite a while). So - what I do is wrote rpgs so that is what i will do."

    3. He posted the backer update he references in this blog quote the day after I posted this entry. Do your research, in this instance that would have involved looking at the date above.

      The fact that he's watching my account is flattering. I am a literal nobody in the gamer community, but I have obviously touched a nerve.

      I'm also not monitoring his account, but plenty of other people I am subscribed to are. Try using google for five minutes and you might find them. Again, it's called research motherfucker!

    4. The need to resort to namecalling just proves how pathetic you are.

    5. And calling somebody pathetic isn't namecalling?
      You've got nothing smart or substantial to say and you know it.

  2. Well, look at this...

  3. Got taken down. Was a new Nystul crowdfunding happy fun time. More info:


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