Wednesday, August 7, 2013

playtest pdf

I inadvertently challenged myself last week when I said I could probably put this together in a week, and it actually required less time. I only spent about two nights moving data around, proofreading, then writing up a quick and dirty character sheet. It's really rough around the edges but it's a playtest document, and my house was flooded last weekend, so whatever. Deal with it!

This represents all of my notes for Tales of Imperial Space

That's just the tentative title, something I thought of quickly when I started writing ideas down two months ago. It started as an Apocalypse World hack, and I originally wanted it to be compatible with that system so that characters could, in theory, travel back and forth between settings. It has, however, diverted quite a bit and become it's own thing. More changes are on the way. Maybe after I move back into my house.