Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FTL: Faster Than Light

When designing a science fiction game with spaceships that travel between star systems, you have to decide how they are going to work.
Will they be realistic or fantastical?
If realistic, nothing goes faster than light, so will you have near-light speed ships? Will they be sleeper ships or generation ships?
If fantastical, will they use a warp drive, a hyperspace drive, or gate technology? Will they take time or is it nearly instantaneous?

Star Wars uses hyperspace and it takes time
Star Trek uses warp drive and it takes time
Stargate uses gate technology and it's nearly instantaneous
Battlestar Galactica uses warp drive and it's nearly instantaneous
Farscape uses hypespace and it's nearly instantaneous

One thing I've definitely decided for the system I'm writing: It's not going to have the word "star" in the title.

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