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Dungeon World Resources

Dungeon World Content Mega-Post - Updated 4/3

I update this post regularly. If you would like anything you've made to be added to this post, email either jeikobu73 AT yahoo (he's the primary maintainer) or nerdwerds AT gmail (this is my blog). As this post ages, some of this content might disappear. If you find any of the links below are dead or wonky, please let me know.

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:siren: Scrape and Evil Mastermind's Dungeon World GM's Guide :siren:

Are you just too confused about everything Dungeon World has to offer? Fret not, for you have a handy guide! SA's own Scrape and Evil Mastermind have come together in a collaboration to create a veritable compendium of clarifications, examples, and insights on building worlds that players can enjoy. For all peoples who are interested in Dungeon World! Also includes additional classes and races brought about by Emong and his wonderful contributions.

Other DM Aids:
aldantefax's Career Move ideas
CADPAT's C'thulhu-style front and custom "sanity" move
CADPATs Deck of Many Things
Evil Mastermind's Madness Mechanics
Evil Mastermind's Quicksteel items
Fenarisk's Homestead playbook
Glazius' Gnomes
gnome7's Basic Rules cheat sheet
ImpactVector's Campaign and Adventure Fronts
LemonCurdistan's Base Class Alignment Moves list
LemonCurdistan's Base Class Racial Moves list
madadric's tribute to Michael Jackson
madadric's Heartseeker Talisman item and Rope Bridge custom move
MadRhetoric's Paladins of unusual races
Mattie's Character Sheet Spreadsheets (Ich's additional spreadsheets, in the same format)
Neceros' character sheet with auto calculator and form fillable boxes

:siren: Captain Indigo's Monster Creation tips
dwarf74's Basic D&D monsters
Evil Mastermind's Elemental liches, in progress, includes Elemental champion compendium classes
Evil Mastermind's Mind Flayer
jonthegm's Wight
LemonCurdistan's Draigs and Spiderhorse
Mikan's Last Stand Monsters (DTRPG link)
PublicOpinion's Ecology of the Void
PublicOpinion's Handmaidens of the Spider Queen
PublicOpinion's Hollow Man
PublicOpinion's Liar
PublicOpinion's Morddreggoste

New Classes:
  • alternate Thief Character classes, by Justin Schmid
  • Compendium Classes, by Tim Franzke
    Androc's Arcane Duelist
    Arrrthritis' Beastmaster, in progress
    Asininecurist and gnome7's Noble
    berenzen's Elemental Knight, in progress
    Desty's Merchant Prince
    devilmaydry's Conflux, in progress
    ElegantFugue's Marksman
    :siren: Elmo Oxygen's Medic
    Ergonomix's Mastermind
    EscortMission's Beguiler, in progress
    Fenarisk's Assassin
    Fenarisk's Leader
    Flavirus and Okasvi's Augur
    Flavivirus' update to Sage LaTorra's Battlemind
    :siren: GimpInBlack's Gladiator
    Glazius' Giant weaponry
    gnome7's Alternate Playbooks Packet (Artificer, Mage, Priest, Templar)
    gnome7's Cultist
    :siren: gnome7's Dashing Hero
    gnome7's Drider
    gnome7's Improved Fighter
    gnome7's Improved Wizard
    gnome7's True Friend
    Evil Mastermind's Warlord, in progress
    Kai Tave's Warlord
    Kaja Rainbow's Imposter
    KillerQueen's Diabolist, in progress
    Lemon Curdistan's Shaman
    :siren: madadric's Spellslinger (DTRPG link)
    MadRhetoric's Oracle, level 1-5 teaser version
    MadRhetoric's Sharpshooter, level 1-5 teaser version
    MadRhetoric's Swashbuckler, level 1-5 teaser version
    megane's alternate Wizard moves
    :siren: megane and gnome7's Mage
    :siren: Mikan's Warlock
    :siren: Mors Rattus' Initiate
    Nemesis of Mole's Automaton Bard and Storm Wizard
    Nemesis of Mole's Vampire Killer
    NinjaDebugger's Ninja, in progress
    Okasvi's Elf
    Okasvi's Scholar, in progress
    :siren: Rulebook Heavily's Namer
    Sears Poncho's Charlatan
    Shamblercow's Hardened Convict
    Shamblercow's Necromancer, in progress
    :siren: TheLoneAmigo and gnome7's Artificer
    The Supreme Court's Necromancer
    :siren: TombsGrave's Psion
    wrl's Knight, in progress
    wrl's Hot Shot, in progress

    Compendium Classes:
    Androc and gnome7's Compendium Class Pack, which includes the Assassin, the Cursed Knight, the Demiurge, the Firebrand, the Juggernaut, and the Swashbuckler
    Androc's Ascendant
    Benly's ...Harbinger?
    bugcatcher's Monster Tamer, in progress
    Desty's Zombie
    Emong's Compendium Classes.txt ZIP file
    Emong's Doppelganger
    FrozenGoldfishGod's The Chosen
    gnome7's Marked Ninja
    Hugoon Chavez's Dragon Marks
    KillerQueen's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure compendium classes
    Lemon Curdistan's Avowed
    MadRhetoric's Wishbearer and Eternal Protector
    Mikan's ...Broken Spirit?
    Mikan's Monster Hunter
    Mors Rattus' Ronin and Blindfighter, don't know how long they'll stay up
    Okasvi's Miscellanious Compendium Classes
    Okasvi's Immortal
    Okasvi's Vampire
    PublicOpinion's Hat Master
    PublicOpinion's Honorary Librarian (includes extra race options)
    Tollymain's Leviathan Master
    Tollymain's The Aware

    Settings and Adventures:
    aldante_fax's Infinite Dungeon
    Danoss' Living Dungeon World
    FIGHTING-MAN's Streets of Marienburg, a Warhammer Fantasy playset of World of Dungeons.
    GimpInBlack's Dark Sun World
    InfiniteJester's Mutant World. a Gamma World hack
    madadric's Land of the Dead
    Mikan's Twin Spirit Isle
    Mors Rattus' Seventh World, a Seven Seas hack
    PublicOpinion's Agram's Temple

    Published Books:
    Dungeon Planet

    If you'd like to support the various goons who make these wonderful things, you can throw money at the following places:

    Mikan's Fünhaver Industries
    Gnome7's DTRPG publisher account
    madadric's DTRPG publisher account


    1. Some of these things are behind the Archives paywall. Any chance to get them hosted elsewhere for non-Goons or Goons without the upgrade?

      1. I'm sorry about that Ryven. I'm a non-goon so I can't really access them either. Add me on G+ and I'll make sure I link to the page once it gets revised with working non-goon accessible links.

    2. Is the Elemental Knight completed yet? still trying to figure out the transforming into an elemental

      1. It doesn't look like it, that 0.5 version is the only one I've found.

    3. Under "Published Books" you could add:
      - Inverse World
      - Grim World
      - Mounted Combat

    4. Any way to get in touch with MadRhetoric? I wanna talk about the Sharpshooter class a little

      1. These links were culled from SomethingAwful and you need to have an upgraded (i.e. pay money for) account to message people on there. This sentence is a link to their profile page.


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