Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Superworld! (notes)

I had this idea last weekend of a superhero hack for Apocalypse World. Something that included the classic archtype characters as playbooks, and as my brain percolated I started getting elaborate in some of the details. Now, here is my attempt to get some of them down.

no changing types: you pick the Psi then you are stuck playing a Psi
more than one type, but no more than three: the first Psi is as written, the second Psi has reduced abilities, the third Psi has bad abilities
choices of powers, but few new powers: starting out you get one power, then choose one or two powers, then take a disadvantage, only one improvement gives a new power
no sex moves: instead these would be replaced with tag team powers
roll 3d10: roll three and keep one, 10s explode, 6-9 is a partial success, 10+ is a success, 16+ is a power surge

the Brick:
the hulk/tick type, super strong, invulnerable, stupid/socially incompetent or prone to anger
the Psi: the professor X type, telepathy or cosmic awareness, crippled or secret criminal
the Quirk: the spider-man/daredevil/robin type, multiple choice transport (swinging, wall-crawling, acrobatics, leaping), paralysis, evasion, combat abilities, damage resistant, danger sense, teenager or social outcast
the Speedster: the flash/quicksilver type, super-speed, fighter or scientist, rapid aging or family secrets
the Paragon: the superman/captain marvel type, gets flight, invulnerability or energy manipulation, extreme vulnerability, oath or alien
the Mystic: magic-user, summons allies or warps perceptions, performs rituals, teleportation, often vulnerable or has a family
the Suit: the iron man/steel type, suit of armor, flight, weapons, public figure or stolen tech

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