Friday, January 15, 2016

introducing the Unstitched

a playbook stuck outside of time for Apocalypse World

To create your Unstitched, choose name, look, stats, moves, gear and Hx.

Christopher, Doc, Everett, Feckle, Jane, Lily, Miss Smith, Monsignor, Nickia, Rose, Valeria, Xavier

Male, Female, Ambiguous, or Hidden

Choose one set:
• +1 Cool, -1 Hard, 0=Hot, +2 Sharp, +1 Weird
• -1 Cool, +1 Hard, +1 Hot, +2 Sharp, 0=Weird
• 0=Cool, 0=Hard, +1 Hot, +2 Sharp, 0=Weird
• 0=Cool, -1 Hard, +2 Hot, +2 Sharp, -1 Weird

You get all the basic moves. You get I'm from the future! and Time's Running Out then choose another Unstitched move.

You get:
• one weapon or one piece of clothing worth 1-armor
• oddments worth 1-barter
• fashion suitable to your look (you detail)
• a time machine (detail)

• 9mm (2-harm close loud)
• crowbar (2-harm hand)
• machete (3-harm hand messy)
• many knives (2-harm hand infinite)

Everyone introduces their characters by name, look, and outlook. Take your turn.

List the other characters' names.

Go around again for Hx. On your turn, choose one or both:
• One of them helped you while you were weak from the journey. Tell that player Hx+2.
• One of them is suspicious of you. Tell that player Hx=0.
Tell everybody else Hx-1, you came out of nowhere.

On the other player's turns, whatever number everyone tells you, give it -1 and write it next to their character’s name. You've not heard of any of them.

I'm from the future!: whenever you ask the MC what you know about a particular place, person, or thing, roll+Sharp. On a hit, you get to know stuff. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 1:
• you know why this is happening
• you know how things are about to go down
• you know who is nearby that might help you
• you know when a thing is going to happen
• you know where to find some gear easily
On a miss, you can still choose 1 but advance your Mission Failed countdown clock by 1 segment and tell the MC to make a threat move or advance one of their own countdown clocks.

Time's Running Out: At the start of the session, mark a segment of your Mission Failed countdown clock. You may avoid this by erasing the highlight on one of your stats.

Quicker than most: When violence occurs near you, roll+Cool. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1-for-1 to choose options:
• Name a person who is witness to the violence, you cross the distance to stand beside them.
• Take +1harm from an incoming attack against you and reflect an equal amount of harm back upon your attacker(s).
• Name an NPC who is engaged in violence, as either assailant or victim, and you escape their notice.
• Reduce a Harm move roll by -1.
• Name a character engaged in violence whom you could assist, increase the amount of harm they can inflict by +1.

Gemini incident: At the start of the session, you can choose to roll+weird. On a hit, there are two of you. On a 10+, you can coordinate freely with your other self, you control both of you. On a 7-9, the MC controls your other self and you choose 1:
• they have a different mission than you, but will try to preserve your life no matter what
• they're actively trying to help your mission, but they don't care about your safety
• they are your consummate ally for both the mission and your safety, but anybody you share HX with is on their kill list
On a miss, the MC chooses 1:
• your other self is present and actively working against your mission
• you found your other self's dead body, or one of them, take -1ongoing for the rest of the session
• you're all be yourself, for better or worse

Voice of authority: when you reveal what you know to a mob, gang, or group of three or more people, roll+sharp. On a hit, they listen to you with fascination. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:
• None of them leave while you speak
• None of them will inflict pain or violence in front of you
• None of them will betray you later on
On a miss, they don't care who you are, what you know, or if you get in their way.

I know what will become of you: when you manipulate someone, roll+sharp instead of roll+hot.

Telepathic feedback: when you read a person, your questions can act as a weapon. You can spend one of your hold to +stun them.

If you and another character have sex, subtract 1 from your HX with each other but you both take +1forward to roll+weird.

Using your time machine is not reliable. It was only meant to bring you here and then return you home, and if you use it too soon your superiors may not allow you to return or will insist that you return to the point where you left from.

For each mission below, the MC is not obligated to provide any details about the mission beyond the instructions for the mission itself. Choose a mission:
Assassination: you must find and kill your target, the MC will choose your target
Assistance: you must preserve a community, the MC will tell you where help is needed most
Historical survey *: you must document and record an important event, you and the MC will determine the event together
Interview *: you must find several people and ask them questions about their lives, the MC will provide you with a list of names
Paradox: you must destroy a community, the MC will tell you the most effective way to destroy a nearby hold
Temporal Fix: there is an already existing time paradox that you must fix, the MC will tell you what part of the timeline was damaged
* for these missions you also start with recording equipment, it counts as +hitech and +valuable gear

Mission failure is not the end of your character, but you have to suffer the consequences for not completing your mission. If your mission fails, the MC chooses one:
• your time machine returns home on a preset journey, you are now stranded in the past forever
• your time machine has been disabled by agents from an alternate future timeline you've created by accident
• your time machine stops working due to your alterations of the timeline, you might be able to repair it...
The MC should also create a new threat and add a countdown clock as further and deliberate disruption of the timeline, or established history as the Unstitched knows it, will create more severe consequences.

Once a mission is successfully completed according to the details designed by the MC, your Mission Failure countdown is reset to zero, you receive a new (different) mission from the list, and you gain one Improvement

+1 cool (+2 max)
+1 hot (+2 max)
+1 sharp (+3 max)
+1 weird (+2 max)
+1 weird (+2 max)
get a Unstitched move
get a Unstitched move
get a move from another playbook
get a move from another playbook
get a workspace (detail)