Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Apocalypse World monster manual: OWLBEAR

Beast (impulse: to hunt and feed)
Owlbears have 2armor, from thick fur and fast movement, and they attack with 3-harm ap claws and beak.
Owlbears are always hungry, they are aggressive and singleminded hunters that fight to the death. If they don't rend their victims apart with their claws, then they will snap their victims' in two with their powerful beaks. They attack with the most deadly characteristics of both bears and owls, hugging their opponents, dragging them away, and devouring them.

Owlbear moves:
- hugs opponent, dragging them away
- hugs opponent, holds them like a shield
- crippling bite (-1harm until healed)
- howls at opponent then charges (frighteningly focused)
- howls at opponent, then stands tall, blocking the way
- bites opponent, killing them, swallowing a piece of them

As a new threat to a community:
3 o’clock: bear droppings near herd animals that were torn apart and devoured
6 o’clock: abandoned cars and empty buildings sport beak-like punctures, evidence of a giant bird’s nest
9 o’clock: sighted! NPCs talk of seeing the creature near the site of a mauled animal or NPC
10 o’clock: attacks solitary PC, attacks groups of NPCs
11 o’clock: obvious nest built in inconvenient place
12 o’clock: fights openly, wildly, and to the death!

As a threat in the wild:
3 o’clock: hear it moving in darkness, or behind the path
6 o’clock: carcasses of animals and humans, blood trail leads to scene of more carnage
9 o’clock: it appears in your path, staring at you
10 o’clock: it attacks viciously, stealthily, evilly, and without mercy

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